Applying HTV with an Iron SUCCESS

Applying HTV with an Iron SUCCESS

Application Steps

As mentioned, the video above pretty much breaks down all the steps we followed. But for your ease, here are the steps:

  1. Cut and weed your design
  2. Set your iron to a setting between polyester and wool. We were fortunate enough to have the setting Cotton Blends, which falls between polyester and wool.
  3. Pre-iron your garment in the areas that you will be applying HTV to. This will help help eliminate any wrinkles, and most importantly, it will help eliminate any moisture in the garment (which will help the HTV apply easier).
  4. Place your HTV design on your garment.
  5. Place a cover sheet (we prefer a teflon release sheet) over your HTV design.
  6. Apply the HTV with the iron, begining with light pressure and increase to firm pressure. Depending on what HTV you are using. try to keep the iron over the HTV for the recommneded pressing time. We found that with some HTV’s you may need to add about 10 seconds.
  7. Carefully remover the liner either warm or cold. We found best results (no matter the HTV) when peeling COLD. If you find that the HTV is lifting up with the liner, simply place the cover sheet back over your HTV and press for a few more seconds (or until you can remover the liner).
  8. Don’t worry if the edges of the HTV are still not completely adhered to the garment! After you peel the liner, place the cover sheet back over the HTV and go back and forth with the iron as if you were ironing your clothes. This will ensure that all edges of the HTV design are getting firm pressure. Do this for about 5-10 seconds or until you visually notice that all edges of the HTV seem to be fully adhered to the garment.

It’s that easy!!!

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